‘To the country after the fall’; South African cricket team leave the tour



Calcutta: The South African cricket team, who was on a tour of India, eventually returned home. In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, it was decided to stop all sports in the country. This left the ODI series unbeaten on the ball. With this, the team returned.

The first ODI in Dharamsala was abandoned due to rain. The South African team arrived in Kolkata for the second ODI. With the corona spread, the BCCI planned to hold the remaining matches in a closed stadium. But as the situation worsened, the central government ordered all competition to stop. The series was canceled.

However, the South African team’s return to the country was uncertain as travel was severely restricted in the wake of Corona. With all this resolved, the journey was made.

The South African team left for Dubai this morning and will return home on a connecting flight, officials of the Bengal Cricket Association said. There are reports that the lame series will take place later.

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