Timo Glock: “Ferrari scandal with FIA could cause Sebastian Vettel to leave”


The new scandal in F1 due to the secret agreement between the FIA ​​and Ferrari on the Ferrari engine of 2019 may cause Sebastian Vettel to leave the Italian team. That is the opinion of the former F1 driver Timo Glock, who was asked by ran.de about the expiring contract of four-time world champion Vettel.

The former Toyota driver said: “I think it will also depend on what happens to how this Ferrari story ends. I imagine it might be a reason for him to say,” That’s it “.”

Vettel to McLaren?

It will be interesting where Vettel would go. In the past two years we have seen him talk to Adrian Newey, Helmut Marko and Christian Horner more often. When asked why, Vettel dismissed this as a friendly conversation with old friends that he briefly spoke to.

For Vettel, however, it also seems to be part of ‘networking’. Sebastian Vettel became Formula 1 champion 4 times, and all four times was Red Bull Racing.

Timo Glock, however, thinks that McLaren might be an option for the 32-year-old driver: “McLaren is probably. With Andreas Seidl, they have a German team boss with whom they have only been going upstairs lately. I imagine he definitely wants to have an experienced German on the team. ”

Position Mattia Binotto

Glock, now a DTM driver but also an F1 expert for German television, thinks that the scandal about the legality of the 2019 engine of Ferrari can also cost team boss Mattia Binotto the head.

“As is always the case in this sport, the person in charge must take off his hat and leave. He knew exactly what was going on and had to live with the consequences if it came. I do not rule out that he must leave as a team boss during the year.” , he said, referring to Mattia Binotto.

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