This is not a lace! Australian reptile finds perfect hiding place – video


A snake found the perfect hideout in a pile of shoes outside an Australian home. Alerted, snake hunters found him and imagined a riddle intended for social networks to show his ability to conceal.

A poisonous black red-bellied snake has become the star of a video shared by a snake catcher from Queensland, Australia.

This short sequence shows a small snake of this species hidden among shoes.

“If the family hadn’t seen the snake from the start, they would never have known that the snake was there. Check your shoes before putting them on! ”, warned the author of the captioned video.

A riddle

Before posting this video, snake hunters decided to test their subscribers by sharing a photo of the scene and offering to find the snake among the shoes and guess its species.

The ordeal was not as easy as some might have thought. Although there have been many speculations, most readers were not sure if they found the reptile.

After giving subscribers a little time to try to find the answer, snake hunters released the video to show where he was hiding. In the clip, they lifted a black shoe in the middle of the pile and a very thin little snake came out.


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