They find the alleged first infected with COVID-19 in the world


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The Chinese news agency SINA managed to find the first person diagnosed with the coronavirus that soon spread across the planet and has already affected hundreds of thousands of people in more than 170 countries.

On December 11, a live shrimp vendor from the South China seafood wholesale market in Wuhan called Wei He went to a small clinic located in the building where he lived because he had a fever.
As the woman herself revealed to the local media, she used to ask doctors to give her an antipyretic injection, since she did not want to miss work. But this time, the medication did not work, so she was forced to go to the Union Medical College Hospital, where she was diagnosed with coronavirus.
It should be noted that a total of 24 people who had ties to the seafood market – including four members of the same family – were diagnosed with COVID-19 that same month. However, Mr. Chen’s case, also quoted by the media, raises many questions.

This man, who lives in Jiangxia, more than 30 kilometers from Wuhan, never visited the epicenter market of the outbreak, but was diagnosed with the coronavirus on December 16. Nor can it be said with certainty that Wei was called zero patient.

“Most likely, I was infected on the subway or after going to the hospital,” confessed Chen.

So far, on a global scale they have been detected more than 500,000 infections due to the coronavirus, including more than 22,000 deaths.


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