The world must cooperate to survive Covid’s challenge: Saudi


King Salman, the G20 president and Saudi ruler, said the world should cooperate to overcome the challenges of Riyadh i Kovid. The Saudi king called for an extraordinary virtual summit called for a solution to the humanitarian and economic impacts that Kovid poses. The global response to the crisis facing humanity is inevitable. Saudi has made this demand because it is chaired by the G20, one of the largest economies group in the world.

The global pestilence is taking the lives of people across the globe terribly. Many people get sick every day. King Salman offered condolences to the family and the country of the deceased and wished them speedy healing. Covid is a hindrance to the growth and development of the world economy, trade, distribution and market. King Salman promised that the Saudi government would stand by its member states to ensure the health of the member states and offered all possible assistance to the WHO.


He also requested the cooperation of the G20 countries to conduct research and medical equipment for the detection of Covidine drug and vaccine. It also requires hard work to recover from the troubled world financial markets. He welcomed the economic stimulus programs announced by various countries. He called for changes in economic policy and strengthened cooperation with the people.

King Salman urged the G20 countries to deliver a message that the global financial sector would return with greater strength. We also have the responsibility of upholding the broken countries in Kovid. The king expressed optimism that we have examples of collectively coping with the global financial crisis and that we can overcome this crisis and build a bright future. Representatives from various countries participated in the summit via video conference. It has become a global model of social exclusion.

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