The United States sends two aircraft carriers to the Gulf region


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Military Watch Magazine wrote that the missile attacks on the American Taji base and criticism of the Iraqi government have become the reason for the Pentagon to send two aircraft carriers to the Gulf region.

According to General Kenneth MacKenzie, chief of the US Central Command (CENTCOM), the Nimitz-Carriers – “Harry Truman”, “Dwight Eisenhower” and its associated naval group – will operate in the area for a long time.

According to the military, the aircraft carriers are “a floating part of American sovereignty.”

The Iraqi army announced the fall of 10 Katyusha rockets, last Wednesday, on the base of Taji, which houses American and British soldiers, in an attack that is the twenty-second of its kind targeting American military interests in Iraq since late October.

According to the statistics of the US Department of Defense (Pentagon), three soldiers from the International Alliance in Iraq, two Americans and one British, were killed, and 12 others were wounded in the missile strikes that targeted the Taji base.


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