The Russian ambassador to Italy calls the work of the Russian military in Bergamo “heroism”


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The Russian Army is working at the epicenter of the new coronavirus in Bergamo together with its Italian colleagues, said the Russian ambassador to Italy, Sergey Rázov, and described the actions of the military as heroism.

“Our military are working in the epicenter, like their Italian colleagues, risking their health and their lives. It is the heroism of our soldiers, it cannot be called otherwise,” the diplomat told Rossiya television channel 1.

Russia sent a total of 15 medically assisted planes to Italy. On the night of March 25-26, a Russian delegation of 104 military specialists, including doctors and health workers, arrived in Bergamo to help manage the coronavirus crisis.

The Russian military has already carried out a complete disinfection of the premises of three nursing homes. Italian epidemiologists noted that Russian specialists perform a unique operation, which will significantly help in the fight against the coronavirus.


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