The rebellion should not be politicized; Conspiracy sought by Amit Shah in Lok Sabha Delhi communal riots pre-planned | part of a conspiracy


New Delhi: Home Minister Amit Shah has accused the Delhi riots of conspiracy. The probe so far proved that such a riot would not have been possible without the advance planning. Amit Shah told the Lok Sabha that a proper investigation would be conducted to ascertain the conspiracy behind the riots.

What happened in Delhi was unfortunate. Police were able to control the riot within 36 hours. Not a single incident of violence has been reported in Delhi since eleven o’clock on the night of 25 February. Amit Shah told the Lok Sabha that 52 people were killed and 526 injured in the riots.

The debate on the matter was postponed in Parliament so as not to disturb the peace efforts. Do not politicize the rebellion. The guilty will not be left alone. The investigation is progressing on the basis of scientific evidence. CCTV footage has been identified through Facebook identification software and identified over 1100 insurgents. Of these, 300 are from Uttar Pradesh. Over 700 FIRs have been registered so far. Amit Shah said the loss would be recovered from those who caused the damage.

Of the 206 police stations in Delhi, only 13 took place. Police were able to restrict attempts at violence elsewhere. The Home Minister said he appreciated the police for this. Three persons arrested for providing financial assistance to insurgents Shah added that the police have arrested two IS-related persons in the case.

content highlights; Delhi communal riots pre-planned, part conspiracy, says Amit Shah

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