The PayPad conspiracy took place; Unstoppable forces behind: CM | covid 19 | CoronaVirus | Lock Down | Manoramanews | Breaking News


Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan says the protests of non-PayPad workers have been planned. The conspirators will be expelled. Behind the protests were forces trying to create unrest in the community. The move to mislead the workers is a move against the country. Pinarayi added that no one would be allowed to return home.

The government said it was in the wake of the public outcry of the protests and concerns of other state workers. Other state workers cannot be deported. This would undermine the nationwide lockdown and covariance measures. A senior IAS officer will lead the welfare of other state workers.

The Chief Minister said on Twitter that security and well-being are a priority. Free lunch will be ensured for all State employees. They will be provided with the necessary commodities. The chief minister also said that Hindi-speaking health workers have been assigned to camps. Other state workers in Ernakulam district are safe, said minister VS Sunil Kumar. Strict action will be taken against employers who do not protect their employees.

A police march and awareness campaign was held in Perumbavoor to address the concerns of other state workers. Arrangements for health security and food distribution were unannounced in different languages. The police also assured that the landlord would not let the workers down for rent.

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