The number of flights in the world decreased by 20% in a week


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Simon Proud, an aviation meteorologist, said that the number of flights in the world has decreased by 20% in the past week.

Moscow – Sputnik. “The picture shows the number of flights per day during the last month. It has decreased dramatically in a week, it has become 20 percent less than the same time last week,” Proud said in a tweet on Wednesday.

According to the expert, the number of flights decreased from 97,000 per day on February 20 to 82,000 on March 15.

On March 11, the World Health Organization classified the emerging coronavirus, which causes Covid 19, as a “pandemic”, confirming that the number of infected people is increasing very quickly.

The spread of the new Corona virus has caused more “closures” around the world, while the number of people living with the virus has exceeded all expectations.

Most countries have taken rapid economic measures to address the repercussions of the Corona virus on various sectors.

According to the latest data from the World Health Organization, the total number of people infected with the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19) worldwide is 179,112 people, and the total number of deaths reached 7,426.


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