The number of deaths from coronavirus rose to 25 in Algeria


Sputnik Turkey

The number of people who died in Algeria due to the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) rose to 25 while the number of cases was 367.

Algerian Ministry of HealthCemal Fevrar, a spokesperson for the Coronary Surveillance and Monitoring Committee, from the coronavirus (Covid-19) announced that 4 more people died.

Noting that 65 new cases were detected in the country, Fevrar stated that 29 people were discharged after their treatment.

Fevrar also stated that the epidemic spread to 39 of the country’s 48 regions, and about half of the cases were detected in the province of El Buleyde.

In Algeria yesterday’s statement, the loss of life from Kovid-19 was announced as 21 and the number of cases was 302.


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