The legend of the Istanbul ferries ‘Burhan Pazarlama’ died: ‘A gentleman left us’


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Burhan Demircan, who has been known as ‘Burhan Marketing’ for years on the Kadıköy-Karaköy or Eminönü-Kadıköy ferry lines, has lost his life.

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), on the official Twitter account “One Istanbul gentleman Today, the familiar face of our steamboats is the name that adds a smile to our journeys from one side to the other.Burhan Marketing‘He left us. May his soul be sad, Istanbul will always remember him. “ shared.

Burhan Demircan’s persuasive sales method, which has been selling various products on ferries in Istanbul for years, has been the news of domestic and foreign newspapers and televisions. TRT He shot the short documentary of Demircan.

Demircan’s, “I sell everything”Was almost a cliché among the public.

Burhan Demircan’s funeral is today Atasehir Ornek Mahallesi Central MosqueIt was learned to be removed from.


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