The golden dog who refused to leave his therapists + Video


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A dog that has not been allowed to leave after being treated and treated by a hospital medical staff in China has received the attention of users in cyberspace.

Sputnik reports that a video of a cured dog is being posted on social pages and posted by users. The dog, who had fallen out of favor during the quarantine period in China, was taken care of by the hospital’s medical staff, but after recovering and coming to the hospital to recover, the dog refused to leave the hospital and ran away from its owner. And it was back to the doctors and therapists who had treated him, which was accompanied by user reactions on social pages. The video below is a description of this story.

Many users see dogs as a symbol of loyalty, and consider dog loyalty to be exemplary and reflective. Some of these users point to the dog’s return to the doctors as a sign of his appreciation for their efforts to save his health. Another group of users, pointing out that dogs and pets are not immune to the Corona virus, have already confirmed positive for the two dogs’ coronary test, urging people not to leave their pets in public and to avoid kissing them. The lives of these lovely animals were not compromised.

A group of users have compared this dog’s behavior to some people’s, claiming that it is appreciated by the doctors and medical staff, while there are people in the midst of this global outbreak of the corona virus, regardless of the incessant medical costs and conditions of their country. And quarantine laws endanger their health and that of others.


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