The development of the fastest computer in the world to help eliminate “Corona”


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Among the many initiatives currently being made to discover a vaccine or vaccine to eradicate the emerging coronavirus, which causes Covid-19, IBM has developed the world’s fastest supercomputer to stop the spread of deadly infections.

The American company has developed a new computer called “Sumit”, equipped with “artificial intelligence brain”, and is able to provide thousands of simulations to analyze any drug compounds that may stop the virus by infecting the host cells effectively, according to a report published on Location Futurism.
The report indicates that the supercomputer has been tasked with finding compounds that can attach to a specific part of the virus, a protein called “S-protein” to infect the host cells, and through which it eliminates the effectiveness of the protein or is more like disarming, where the virus can be prevented from Spreading.

The researchers of Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, USA, published the results of the study in the “ChemRxiv” magazine, and concluded that the supercomputer can identify 77 drugs that could contribute to the treatment of the virus, and this is an important and promising first step towards creating a more effective vaccine.

Countries, along with some companies and institutes for scientific research, are racing against time to manufacture a vaccine against Corona, which appeared last December.

US President Donald Trump confirmed during a press conference Thursday that “malaria medicine has been approved for the treatment of coronavirus.”

He continued that the United States began clinical trials on a vaccine against the emerging “Corona” virus.

The president of the US Food and Drug Administration said Thursday evening that more than 10,000 researchers are working to produce a treatment for the emerging corona virus.

The US Food and Drug Administration confirmed that experiments are currently under way on a vaccine for the Corona virus “Covid 19”, noting that it may take 12 months to reach a vaccine for Corona.

On March 11, the World Health Organization classified the emerging coronavirus, which was declared endemic in China at the end of last year, as a global pandemic, confirming that infection figures are rising very quickly.


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