The Coronavirus will eliminate football madness


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Coronavirus pandemic is about to completely transformed world footballwho had gone on very dangerous road with bombings in excess of € 100 million.

According to a bunch of experts, Neymar’s record purchase of 222 million euros (from Barcelona to PSG in the summer of 2017) will remain at the top of the charts for a long time and there will even be times when the amount will border on fantasy.

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The freezing of the season in the European Championships is already affecting even the biggest sharks. Colossians suffer huge financial losses because they do not account for any revenue from television rights, ticket sales or fan articles.

At the same time, however, players’ salaries are paid. Even at a high percentage (as of yesterday in the camp of the Spanish champion Barcelona he is 70%), Staff salaries continue to weigh heavily on clubs.

And right now, it’s getting one misunderstood lengthening. The longer the state of emergency due to the spread of the infection, the more clubs will lose out of their financial powerbecause in “normalizing” life, they will have to compensate for their losses.

The CIES Football Observatory calculated how much each stock would be depreciatedif the championships of the Old Continent are not renewed by June 30th.

The leader in black rankings is Olympic Marseille, whose value will fall by almost 38%. Inter, Verona, SPAL, Sheffield United and Bayern Munich follow. In the Top 20 there are a few more colossuses – Real Madrid, PSG, Milan and Barcelona.

Manchester City players, for example, will be down 30.3%, or a total of € 412 million. For Barca, the amount is € 366 million for the whole cast, and for Liverpool – € 353 million. At Real Madrid it is 350 million euros and PSG – 302 million euros.

One thing is for sure: even the richest clubs will not make unnecessary bombastic transfers in the near future. A future that seems uncertain not only for the average European citizen, but even for the tens and hundreds of millions of Euros of grandchildren who are sucked into it. The coronavirus crisis is health and economic. It will be heavy. But at least will eliminate football madness, which was about to ruin our favorite sport.

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