“That normally happens in movies”


Friday, March 20, 2020 at

The coronavirus outbreak is currently gripping the world. Spain is currently one of the hardest hit countries in Europe and is therefore completely locked up. Luuk de Jong, striker from Seville, tells in an interview with Football International that he is shocked by the impact that the coronavirus has on society.

De Jong calls it “very intense” what is going on at the moment. “It is also crazy how fast it went. At the outbreak in China you first think: This will blow over. But that this literally happened, with all the consequences and measures that have now been taken, nobody expected a few months ago”, says De Jong, who as much as possible ‘just tried to live’ once the corona virus had arrived in Spain.

“You pay more attention to your hygiene, wash your hands more often, but otherwise you want to do as normal as possible. So enjoy training and football. But that is no longer possible ”, the striker continues. He thinks it is logical that the country is now locked, but is nevertheless amazed by the state of affairs. “That rapid spread must stop, although it doesn’t seem that easy. We have never experienced this before. You can hardly imagine that schools, stadiums, restaurants, cafes and even borders will be closed. ”

De Jong says he is not afraid of the coronavirus himself. “We footballers are fit and will not easily succumb to this virus, but I am shocked by the enormous impact it has. Big places that turn into ghost towns, supermarkets that are bought empty, the whole of social life is flat. This normally happens in films, but now we are in the middle of it ourselves. ”


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