Testing of S-500 components is completed in Russia


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Tests for different components of the new generation S-500 missile defense system in Russia are reported to be completed.

S-500 Prometheus (OKR Triumfator-M) stands out as the next generation land-to-air anti-aircraft missile system. In terms of its features, the S-500 is superior to its current S-400 and US rival Patriot Advanced Capability-3.

He was the Commander of the Russian Air Force Air Defense Missile Forces between 2007-2009. Sergey HatılevCommented on the testing process of S-500 components to Sputnik:

“Currently the system of launch equipment is working on missiles and control systems. With the implementation of this complex, large settlements and administrative centers will be provided with missile defense, which will be the basis for the entire country’s military-space defense.”

Stating that all of the leading experts agree on the advantages of this complex, Hatılev continued as follows:

“It is said that they do not have analogues about other systems, and it usually does not make sense beyond the slogan, but all the leading experts, including the western ones, are delivering the fact that the S-500 system is unique, and they have already made such an assessment.”

Hatılev used the following expressions in the continuation of his speech:

“The system is effective against both aerodynamic targets and ballistic targets, cruise missiles. The S-500 can destroy targets above and in the middle of the flight path of the ballistic missile. In addition, the S-500, which can be effective at a height of 200 kilometers, has a range of 600 kilometers. it can destroy satellite systems or satellites directly in low orbit. Another feature of this system is its ability to reduce high interference levels. “


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