Tea and coffee are harmful during illness


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Drinking hot drinks such as tea and coffee during the common cold and influenza are usually common habits, hoping that these drinks will help in a speedy recovery and treatment.

These drinks can slow down the healing process because they contain caffeine, according to Dr. Olga Kashubina, who told Sputnik, adding that they should be replaced with other drinks.

“Not all hot drinks will help you during illness. On the contrary, it will slow down the natural recovery process.”

“In the cold, I recommend drinking something other than coffee or tea, such as water, compotes, fruit drinks, or something else, it should be a drink that does not contain caffeine so you can sleep safely after it. Sleep is the best treatment for colds and free,” she said. .

“Cold drinks, but not those that reach freezing, contribute to the natural cooling of a person with a fever. On the other hand, drinks from the refrigerator can narrow the vessels in the throat, and this will make it easier to experience angina. If you like hotter, like this Drinks dilate and relax blood vessels, as after a hot shower.

She concluded: “You may want to sleep after eating it, and if you suffer from temperature and poor health, this may be what you need.”

Meanwhile, drinks such as tea, coffee, water and other things cannot function as medicine. They can only accelerate or slow the body’s natural healing process.


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