Tata Motors downgrades stake to two-fold – FUTURE KERALA


Tata Motors drops to double its share price

  • Eleven years later, the share price fell to Rs
  • Coronavirus is the leading cause of decline in demand

Tata Motors plunges by over one hundred rupees on account of slump in demand and declining production For the first time in 11 years, the company’s stock price moved to Rs 99 on BSE today.

The decline was attributed to a slowdown in demand for both personal and commercial vehicles and a decline in production as Corona expanded. More than 11 crore shares of Tata Motors were traded on the NSE and 57.43 lakh shares were traded on the BSE. Tata Motors on Friday said that China’s supply chain crisis is likely to cause some minor losses in the domestic business for the January-March period. China sales of Jaguar Land Rover fell 85 percent last month The company reopened last week in a joint venture in China. With the return of workers, production is expected to increase and soon the demand for the market will increase. Tata Motors’ domestic business was forecast to decline in the fourth quarter. The company said in a news release that the company expected the transition from the BS4 to the BS6 to be a little challenging, and that the BS6 models will be stable in the coming months.

The virus epidemic has spread everywhere in Europe, the UK and the US, where the company has presence. Due to the declining demand in China, output has also declined. The new model is expected to be suspended.



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