Sukumari: The eldest son of the family Varelai note – faizal khan remembers sukumari and her bond with mammootty


Sukumari is one of the most loved actresses of all time. Seven years have passed since the Malayalees called Sukumari Chechi and Sukumariamma touched them in the chest. Fimsal Khan, MD of NIMS Medicine, shares her memory of Sukumari on this occasion.

He also shares a unique love affair with Mammootty and Sukumari. Faisal Khan says Sukumari looked like the eldest son of her family. Sukumari would have complied only if Mammootty had said so. To his words,
Today marks the 26th day of Padmashree Sukumari Chechi’s beloved actress in Malayalam. He remembers the last time I saw Chechi 7 years ago, this day.

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Free heart surgery jointly with Padma Shri Mammootty and NIMS Heart Foundation. One day an unexpected call came. 369 Ending Number. Yes it was. Sukumari Chechi was coming and he wanted to check it out properly. The doctor told me that Mammoka called me and that I could call back for a second. I conveyed this information to Dr. Suresh, son of Chechi. It was then that Chechi called Mammuka and told her. Dr. Madhusudheeran assumed that risk .The surgery was successful. He says.

From there I got Sukumari Chechi, who had no teas and no disguises. Chechi was a person of great faith, devotion, love and concern for his colleagues. You can bring sweets at every check-in. ………………………….. .It ‘s good to see you again. Chechi would describe each location, shooting experience and features. One day, Chechi gave me the phone to talk. Tamilnadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa .I was so excited. He is a person who prays for the upliftment of his colleagues, and does not waste any fresh water (there is a large collection of bottled bottles at home). Says Fessel Khan.

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My phone was ringing regularly. I called back .I called back. When I spoke to Sureshetan (son), he said that he was refusing to go to the hospital. . Following her Mammooka’s rebuke, Chechi supported the treatment. The percentage of burns and the lack of immunity began to worsen. Mammoka had been searching for information every hour. So Chechi left us on this day seven years ago. He says thanks.

Chechi always said that Mummuz was the oldest son in my family. It may be that the mother was the last and the eldest son obeyed, he added.

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