“Sukhoi” resorted to the use of new equipment for the manufacture of “Su-35” and “Su-57” fighters


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A new Sukhoi aircraft plant in Komsomolsk in the Russian east has been supplied with new equipment.

And she said The company “Sukhoi”, in a press release, that the aircraft factory in Komsomolsk began using a new furnace for heat treatment to produce what goes into the manufacture of “Su-35” and “Su-57” aircraft.

The statement said that the new equipment allows taking the heat treatment to a new level that cannot be achieved when using old ovens even after modernizing them.

The Sukhoi 35 is a combat aircraft belonging to the 4+ generation of fighters and is armed with an expanded range of guided missiles.

The “Sukhoi 57” is a combat plane belonging to the fifth generation of fighters that can combat any enemy combatant and destroy land and sea targets. It was made using masking technology.


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