Stiff fans sent away for KLM’s last Boeing 747 landing Financial


Police said there was a gathering, although the Boeing 747 fans were all hiding in their own car at the time. In total there were about thirty cars to be found along the Vijfhuizerweg in Hoofddorp. The municipality of Haarlemmermeer was advised in advance to stay at home, because people have to stay a meter and a half away because of the corona crisis. Group formation is also not allowed.

“We came to Schiphol from the other side of the country especially for this last landing,” says Gerard Wolters. He parked the car somewhere else when the police came to warn and still managed to take the landing. “Fortunately I did not receive a fine, but I did not want to miss this moment. I have mixed feelings because the plane is a great icon. ”

Farewell in silence

After a lap of honor above Schiphol, the KLM jumbo eventually landed on the Zwanenburgbaan at half past three, without applause or water salute. KLM is saying goodbye to the Boeing 747 early in connection with the corona crisis. This saves the airline money. The plan was to say goodbye to the four-engine aircraft next year for the 50th anniversary of the fleet. The premature end of the 747 means a shrinkage of KLM’s route network. The device is used in distant destinations and there is no immediate replacement.

The cousins ​​Iwan Schuurman and Tim Wagenaar made an outing of the last Boeing 747 landing. They sit next to each other, but each in their own car, because of the “social distancing”. “It is a beautiful device, with a unique design of its own,” says Wagenaar. Along the Zwanenburgbaan are a number of other 747s that landed earlier on Sunday, including from Paramaribo. Schuurman works for KLM’s maintenance division and understands his employer’s choice.

Bizarre summer situation

The summer timetable came into effect on Sunday, with only 10% of the number of flights operated by KLM before the corona crisis. There is also no prospect of any normalization. As a result, the future is uncertain, says Schuurman. “These are very exciting times for our company, in which we also have to survive the summer and soon see what remains of the network now that seven large aircraft have disappeared from the fleet. We will have to put our shoulders to the wheel together. ”

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