Selvin: Chinese authorities have found the 4 main proposals for combating Turkey


Hürriyet newspaper writer Abdulkadir Selvi wrote his meeting with the members of the Scientific Board who had a successful meeting in the fight against coronavirus in China, in today’s corner. Selvi, to fight the Chinese team in Turkey, said that there were four main proposals.

Cypress“What did Chinese doctors suggest in the fight against coronavirus?” titled today in his article “Before the meeting, questions were taken from the members of the Scientific Committee. But at the end of the meeting, questions were posed to the Chinese delegation. As the Chinese shared the data with the world and our Scientific Committee members followed this, they opened the subject with questions. They talked about what they did first, and how they prevented the epidemic. I asked Chinese doctors what they were most concerned about. shared his knowledge.

Cypress also included the following statements in his article:

“Of course there are other suggestions, but this is a very important point. So what measures has China taken to prevent transmission? The Chinese delegation has listed the measures that are effective in combating coronavirus:

1- Isolation. After China detected the Coronavirus, it first quarantined the city of Wuhan. Since the coronavirus has the ability to spread faster than other viruses, the Chinese delegation said “isolation, isolation, isolation”.

2- Quarantine of people diagnosed with coronavirus.

3- Quarantine for those coming from abroad.

4- Quarantine healthcare workers who are infected.

Have you noticed, one of the four measures is isolation and the other three are quarantine. “


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