Saudi Arabia launches “Drones” technology to keep workers safe


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The Real Estate Development Agency of the Saudi Ministry of Housing activated the “Dronez” technology, with the aim of conducting a thermal survey and examining the workers to ensure their safety.

And the newspaper “previously”, that the decision was one of the precautionary steps that are in line with government measures to limit the spread of the “Corona” emerging virus, where high human body temperature is an indication of the possibility of infection.

The General Supervisor of Real Estate Development at the Ministry of Housing, Mazen Al-Dawoud, said that the agency has used the “Dronez” technology to inspect the safety of workers in housing projects, to maintain their health safety, and to ensure continued work in completing the construction of housing projects.

The Saudi official stressed that the safety of workers in housing projects is among the priorities of the ministry at the present time, and all precautionary steps are applied to protect workers in its projects and ensure their safety, in implementation of the procedural steps approved by the state to limit the spread of “Corona”.

In addition to this step, the Ministry adopted several measures to curb the spread of the epidemic, by technically adapting all its platforms and services in all of its departments and initiatives to those who benefit from the ministry’s services from citizens and relevant authorities.

Construction work continues on 57 housing projects in various regions, and these projects include various models and designs, whether villas, apartments or “townhouses”.

Today, Sunday, the Saudi authorities announced the registration of four new deaths and 96 new cases of the new Coronavirus “Covid-19” in the Kingdom during the past 24 hours.


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