Satan worship online; The 10th grader conducted life-threatening experiments


Kollam: A 10th grader who got himself into the trap of social media through the media, has been subjected to the worship of Satan for life-threatening experiments. 14,000 and lost the information on the identity of the parents. The child and the parents lodged a complaint with the collector on the threat of life. The information came from a counseling conducted by Kollam District Child Protection Unit.

ICSE Training Center in Kollam The 10th grade student of the school is a member of the “Illuminati Membership Forum”. The brilliant child used his father’s mobile phone to study. Members of the group have a magical power, a car and a house worth a billion rupees. Dollars were promised.

The membership fee of Rs 2,000 was paid online. Mobile number is also provided. The boy received repeated messages urging him to worship Lucifer. The boy sent a video of the swearing-in that he would not withdraw from the group. The child is from Nigeria and South Africa.

He was then asked to walk to a secluded spot after midnight. A Ameen, a member of the group, came from Thiruvananthapuram. On the first night, the child came to the house near the mosque for testing, but did not walk.

The second experiment was conducted after midnight on a railway bridge across the lake. Amin copied the video. He arrived in a bullet that resembled Satan, and wore black clothing.

Next was the swearing-in of three fingers. He also sent prayers for the night’s sleep. The boy went in search of the goat with the help of friends, who were told to worship it with the blood of the goat. Lucifer was asked to build a house of worship for the house and to send fifty thousand rupees for the images to be placed there.

In the meantime, the child had taken his passport to mislead his parents by saying that he was looking for an internship abroad. The boy was sent a fake document that said he had an opportunity for an internship. Later, it is directed that the members of the group in Kollam and Kochi should also organize prayers.

Parents who noticed the child’s frequent exit and behavior changes during the night were checked by the mobile phone. With this the phone rang. However, unbeknownst to the householders, the child bought a new mobile phone and became active again in the group. The homeowner unknowingly took the gold and pocketed Rs 12,000 twice in the account number of the gang. It also handed over details of the parents’ identity documents. After demanding money again, the boy announced that he was withdrawing from the group. This caused the death threat. The complaint was forwarded to the District Collector.

The numbers that the child called were now switched off. District Child Protection Officer Prasanna Kumari has forwarded all available information to the Kollam City Police Commissioner and the police station near the boy’s home and cyber cell.

Content Highlights: Satan Worship, The 10th Grader conducted life-threatening experiments

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