Safety regions provide clarity about new measures: what is allowed and what is not?


NORTH HOLLAND – The Security Council, which consists of the presidents of the 25 security regions, has announced a tightening of the ban on gathering. Three or more persons in a public space who do not keep a distance of one and a half meters will receive an official report.

RTV Amstelveen
RTV Amstelveen
An exception is made for families or children under the age of twelve with a supervisor press release.

New rules

Last Monday, Minister Grapperhaus of Justice and Security announced new rules regarding the corona crisis. However, the rules became unclear. For example, is it still allowed to exercise remotely in the park?

Today, the presidents of the 25 security regions have clarified this. Initially, the chairman of the Security Council admitted Hubert Bruls RTL News know that, for example, joint sports in the park was not allowed. This was changed later today.

So you can meet with all your friends in public space; as long as you keep a meter and a half away. If you don’t, you can be fined up to 400 euros.

Applicable everywhere

Monday was also pronounced that in some regions, for example, the parks would only be enforced, but that rule now applies everywhere.

The presidents of the regions still have to formally introduce the ban regionally.

Emergency regulations of security regions

The chairman of a security region, often the mayor of the largest municipality in the area, can draw up an emergency ordinance. It describes which measures the safety region may take locally.

The emergency regulations, which are now being drawn up, describe exactly what is no longer allowed in the area. Whether or not to the beach, the sports complex or the forest. The emergency ordinance is actually the local variant of the national measures as announced by Rutte.

Difference by region

Regions can do things differently in certain areas. That’s how the mayor of Alkmaar decided Piet Bruinooge that the campsites in North Holland North will be closed until April 6.

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