Saad Hariri: Close the doors to “Corona” from any country … The safety of the Lebanese is above any consideration


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Former Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri called for “closing the doors in the face of the Corona virus from any country,” stressing that the safety of its citizens is above any consideration.

Al-Hariri stated in a series of tweets on Twitter, saying: “Close the doors to the corona from any country that has a sister or friend who is far or near, and that the safety of the Lebanese people takes any precedence.”

Al-Hariri continued: “Lebanon is in danger, like many countries that initiated courageous and responsible decisions that closed the air and borders and put entire regions under quarantine, and the danger now requires alertness in all official and civil fields, specialized organizations and medical centers.”

He concluded by saying: “If political and economic issues are the subject of differences that bear diligence and divergence in views, then the threat of corona virus requires no hesitation in taking measures that protect the safety of citizens and residents and override any political interests and obligations.”

Lebanon had recorded the second death from the Corona virus, which causes the “Coffed 19” disease, today, Wednesday, while the number of infected people in the country rose to 59.

And the Lebanese Health Minister, Hamad Hassan, had announced yesterday, Tuesday, the first death from the Corona virus in Lebanon, for a patient coming from Egypt.


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