Russian helicopter filmed in low flight along the Syrian coast – video


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A Russian helicopter with soldiers on board has made a low-level flight over the sea off the Syrian coast. A video from the cockpit of the machine recently appeared on the net.

While large-scale exercises are being carried out in the eastern Mediterranean, Russian ones are flying helicopter Patrol along the Syrian coast, writes the Lebanese portal Al-Masdar News.

The mission should not be far from the port city Latakia or Tartuswhere the Russian naval supply base is located.

A Russian warship Black Sea Fleet had previously held an exercise in the Mediterranean. As reported by the Russian Navy, the frigate “Admiral Essen”, armed with calibration cruise missiles, simulated a sea battle, among other things.

According to the Black Sea Fleet, the crew trained the tactics of fighting enemy surface ships and air defense.

A Ka-27PL on-board helicopter is said to have simulated the search for and observation of submarines during the exercise.

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