Russia calls on world to end wars and sanctions to avoid global “humanitarian disaster”


Military conflicts and unilateral sanctions should be suspended during the Covid-19 pandemic to avoid a humanitarian disaster and make medical aid available to all, said Russian diplomacy. A message addressed to States that illegally exercise their military actions.

As the G20 virtual summit approaches, Moscow urges the international community to ensure the end of military conflicts around the world due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus, establish a cease-fire regime and a humanitarian pause, said a press release from the Russian Foreign Ministry published on March 24.

Call for solidarity

The statement was made in support of the appeal made the previous day by United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres, who called for an end to the sanctions imposed on countries to guarantee access to medical aid for everyone.

Otherwise, “without access to essential medicines and qualified medical aid for most people living in war zones, such a development can lead to a humanitarian catastrophe on a large scale. world ”, warns Moscow.

The worrying situations in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Syria and the Palestinian territories have been highlighted. In addition, African countries involved in armed conflict are exposed to the risk of a possible degeneration of the epidemiological situation, the note continues.

Cancellation of sanctions

“First of all, our appeal is addressed to countries which use their military forces illegally outside their national borders,” said Russian diplomacy.

He added: “Under the current circumstances, the policy of implementing coercive measures, including economic restrictions which seriously hamper the efforts applied by the authorities to protect the health of its population, cannot be justified” .

Concerned about the situation in the territories controlled by terrorist groups, Russia is convinced that the fight against terrorism must continue.


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