Rs 80 lakh for Rohit Sharma


India’s vice-chancellor Rohit Sharma today announced the donation of Rs 80 lakh for the prevention of the Kovid 19 virus. Rohit said it was the citizens’ responsibility to help the country stand upright. Rohit made the announcement via his Twitter handle.

Rohit donated Rs 45 lakh to the Prime Minister’s Cares Relief Fund and donated Rs 25 lakh to the Maharashtra Chief Minister’s Relief Fund. Rohit has donated Rs 5 lakh to the Somata Feeding India telephone campaign and Rs 5 lakh for street dogs.

“We have a responsibility to fulfill our nation. 45 lakhs are donated to the Prime Minister’s Care Fund and another 25 lakh to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund. 5 lakhs each is donated to India for feeding and for street dogs. Let us rally behind our leaders and support them, ”Rohit wrote on his Twitter handle.

Earlier, Sachin Tendulkar had donated Rs 50 lakh to 19 Kovid campaigns. BCCI president and former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly also paid Rs 50 lakh. Indian cricketer Suresh Raina paid Rs 52 lakh. Ajinkya Rahane was given Rs 10 lakh. Irfan Pathan and Yusuf Pathan had issued 4,000 masks to the Baroda Police. Sportsmen Bajrang Punia and Hima Das have come out with their salaries in the fight against Corona.

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