Restrictions were tightened; Exams without change;


University exams remain unchanged despite the increase in covid restrictions. Kerala University degree exams to begin tomorrow PG exams will be conducted. Students and parents are concerned about travel and accommodation. Private hostels and PG accommodation are closed. With this the students became concerned.

Kadakampally Surendran says people should be self-regulated with utmost vigilance in the capital. He also said that he should be cautious. The minister said the restrictions will be curtailed if the Covid defense is stabilized.

The district administration has announced tougher regulations. Shopping malls, gymnasiums and beauty parlors were ordered closed. The government has called for postponing public ceremonies and not releasing them unnecessarily. People will not have access to the beaches. The mayor of Thiruvananthapuram said that those living in the houses should cooperate and be vigilant. The district administration has also decided to collect the figures of those who came to Thiruvananthapuram from abroad. The move is to collect through the municipal call center.

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