Reddish brown spots on face; Fatigue Nurse in Covid Ward: Experience | Italy | Covid 19 | Corona Virus | Nurse


The coronavirus has been caught in Italy and Iran after China. World nations fight the coronavirus with the same mind. While everyone is scared of coronavirus, the nurses are reserved for corona patients without wasting even a minute.

They wear special clothes, cover their faces and suffer day and night. They work in the hospital for hours. So the challenges they face physically and mentally are not retail. Elisa Bonari, a 23-year-old nurse working in Milan’s Grosseto Hospital in Italy, shares her experience. They are working in the Kovid 19 ward.

I’m tired of it physically. This is because security equipment is so bad. The coat is hot and sweaty. Once I get dressed, I can’t go to the bathroom or drink water for six hours. Elisa also shared a picture of herself with reddish-brown skin. More than 10,000 people are under observation at the hospital. They also make a special request not to leave the hospital.

Meanwhile, Kovid 19 confirmed to the UK’s Health Minister. Nadine Doris was diagnosed with the disease. The number of infected people in the United States has crossed one thousand. Austria closed its border with Italy.

British Health Minister Nadine Doris has informed the media that she has been confirmed by Kovid. Nadin had attended a dinner party at the Prime Minister’s residence two days ago. Ministers and MPs kept watch over party guests. It has been suggested that it is better to stop the session of Parliament. With the spread of the virus to various parts of the country, the number of infected people in the United States has reached one thousand.

In most places public programs were canceled and educational institutions closed. Democrats were left out in the debates to find a presidential candidate. Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden canceled campaign rallies. In Italy alone, 168 people have died since yesterday. The total number of cases has reached 10,149. Flights to Italy were stopped by various countries. Slovenia closed its border with Austria and Italy.

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