Rajitha Kumar: Amrita, gang rape in storeroom to break lies Frustration at last! – bigg boss malayalam 2; amrutha and abhirami plays an important role in the bigg boss role


The game was presented in the weekly task of pillowcase, without the groupism currently being created in the Bigg Boss house. The two groups announced that they would keep the contestants in two slums as well. The A group consisted of Shaji, Arya, Elena and Fukru leading the way. Sujo, Sandra and Raghu joined the B team led by Amrita – Abhirami.

Team A took the lead in the task that moved quietly on the first day. Team B was hoping to bounce back into the long game for the second day. At times, the audience saw this expectation as a violent break away from the competition.
On the second day’s Quality Checking, the B team’s condition was dismal. When more than half of what was built was rejected, their calculations were flawed. But what disappointed them most was that Team A had met the criteria rather than discarded their pillows. With this, Team B even doubted whether there were any counterfeits in the formation of the opposing group.

Amrita and Abhirami raise this suspicion during Quality Checking. They suspected that there was only cotton wool or tissue paper on the pillows. The answer to this question was whether we had looked at it carefully.

No physical aggression allowed; Four persons, including Sujoh and Fukuru, warned

Though the Big Boss A team was declared the winner after the task was over, Amrita and his team were not in doubt. All five have repeatedly discussed the matter together. Finally, they entered the storeroom and unleashed the cushions the A Group had built. But they suffered a huge setback. They could find nothing but cotton wool.

Following a search of the storeroom, another suspect was asked if Bigg Boss had stolen cotton wool from the cushions in the house. But here too, there was failure. Amrita and his team were unable to accept the victory over their opponents.

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