‘Quality of this team cannot be compared to other coached teams’


Alan Pardew is faced with the tough job of keeping ADO Den Haag in the Eredivisie and the Englishman has to do that with a team that has less quality than he is used to. Pardew calls his current challenge at ADO the greatest in his career.

In England, Pardew has already saved many a team from relegation, but ADO is still struggling for the time being. “This is the biggest and most difficult challenge of all. The reason is that the quality of this team is not comparable to all those other teams that I have coached,” said the coach to Voetbal International.
Pardew seems to realize only too well that the Hagenezen do not currently have to rely on good football. “We have to work so hard to be able to win matches, because we have to achieve that based on team spirit, character and willpower.”
The fight against relegation is not only a challenge for ADO, but also for Pardew as a trainer. “This is also a test for me, as a manager, as a person. Am I going through this? I am no longer involved with my CV, but with my development. As a manager you evolve with football. That’s the beauty of this box. “

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