Python shoots out of water and kills bird of prey – attack captured by photo trap


In Watarrka National Park in Australia, breathtaking pictures have been taken that show how a python attacks a Sydney sparrow and eventually kills it.

In the photos taken by one Photo trap a Sydney sparrow hawk (Collared sparrowhawk; Accipiter nisus) can be observed. The bird is on the water, apparently hunting.

But the sparrow hawk became the victim itself. He didn’t notice in time how a Central Australian python shot out of the water. The obviously hungry reptile caught the bird and quickly strangled it.

The bird had no chance and was eventually drawn lifeless into the water.

Watarrka National Park

Watarrka National Park, founded in the early 1980s, includes the western part of the George Gill Range with the Kings Canyon, the largest gorge in Australia, and Kathleen Springs. The park is visited by more than 230,000 guests annually.
When hiking around Kings Canyon you can see many birds such as red-headed pigeons, zebra finches, budgerigars, diamond pigeons and peregrine falcons. The most common mammal in the canyon area is the mountain kangaroo and the smaller black paw rock kangaroo. There are at least 600 plant species in the park.

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