Published in the Official Gazette: 8 articles covered by drugs


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According to the President’s decisions published in the Official Gazette, 8 articles and derivative drugs were included under the Law on the Control of Drugs

With the decision of the President, 8 articles and derivatives were subject to the provisions of the Law on the Control of Narcotic Drugs No. 2313. The articles included in the scope of the drug with the decision in question are as follows:

– Piperazine known as PBPP

– ethanamine, known by the name isotonitazene

– quinazolinone, known by the name SL-164

– known as 1cp-LSD, carboxamide

– methylquinazolin-4one, known by the name nitromethaqualone

– ethanamine known as 2C-B isomer or 4-Br-DM-1-PEA

Benzodiazepine-2-one, known by the name Ro 07-4065

– ethan-1-ol, known by the name 2F-viminol

‘Risky area’ in Elazig

With the signature of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Official newspaperAccording to the decisions of the President published in, the region within the boundaries of Elazig’s central district Abdullah Pasha (Sursuru) District was declared a risky area.

The decision was made pursuant to Article 2 of the Law No. 6306 on the Transformation of Areas Under Disaster Risk. In the context of urban transformation and development works aimed at the solution of unhealthy and risk building in the region, it was decided to rush expropriation of some immovable properties located in the central district of Erzincan, İnönü and Kızılay.

The General Directorate of Gaziantep Water and Sewerage Administration was decided to be rushed to the construction of the Raw Water Balancing Depot and Connection Lines within the scope of the Düzbağ Drinking Water Supply Project within the borders of Karacaburç District of Şehitkamil district of Gaziantep.

E-government decision

Meanwhile with another decision in the Official Gazette e-Government The decision of the Council of Ministers dated March 24, 2006 and numbered 2006/10316, regarding the assignment of the duties and responsibilities (abolished) to the Ministry of Transport of the gate, was also repealed.


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