Provisional article to execution: 70 thousand prisoners will be sentenced at home


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The enforcement arrangement, which is expected to be sent to the Turkish Grand National Assembly this week, is a temporary item, and 70 thousand prisoners staying in open prisons are expected to serve their sentences at home for a certain period of time.

The application for open prisons will continue until 30 May 2020. Ministry of Justice If necessary, it will extend the application of house arrest for another 2 months.

Liberty‘skin Nuray Babacan‘of the news by; AKP staffs calculate that the number of prisoners who will quickly leave prison will reach 100 thousand after the prisoners over 75 years of age, who are in legal regulations, are at home, and the imprisonment proposals for pregnant and sick prisoners are implemented.

This calculation will increase with those who are released with the implementation of the normal execution arrangement.

130 thousand of 300 thousand convicts will be released

According to the calculations, 30-40 thousand convicts will be released in the first place with the execution discount. A gradual evacuation of 100-130 thousand people is planned. This means that prisons, where there are still 300,000 people, are emptied by two thirds in total.


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