Professor lying before the doser for domestic seed. Toprak: I am not going anywhere, continue the struggle


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A dozer was introduced to the field established for the development of local agriculture and domestic seed production at Pamukkale University with the instructions of the rector. Professor trying to protect the field by lying in front of the dose. Images of Fevziye Çelebi Toprak became an agenda on social media.

In RS FM Atilla GunerIs a guest of the Evening Post program with Professor Soil, “I have been here for 18 years. No going abroad. We will not go anywhere. We will continue to struggle.” said.

Professor Toprak is “What did they want to do? Is there any other place to pass that channel?” He explained what happened on the question:

“We couldn’t understand what they wanted to do. They are our experimental lands where we do our field research. The 10-year field of Plant Genetics and Agricultural Biotechnology Application and Research Center. We are trying to produce native seeds completely. The machines have been running for two nights. The Rector has never met with us. Our manager has been asked to meet many times in three years, but there has never been a response. to produce local and national seed for Turkey. We do not want to be dependent on the outside. stopped production in many countries because of the coronavirus case. We could seed from the more how much abroad? ‘life the most genuine is science’ promise land, there The name of our greenhouse, things like a kindergarten, museum, parking lot etc. I have been working at Pamukkale University for 18 years, this center has been and has been working for 10 years. We have very successful products. Our years of effort are wasted. We worked for years by adding our night to our day, but the treatment we see is obvious. We will not go anywhere, we are here until the last drop of our blood. We will continue to struggle. We have also received the assault report, everything will be taken to court. “


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