Poultry will be killed today in places where bird flu is confirmed


Steps will be taken to destroy the birds that have been established in the state where bird flu has been confirmed. Trained officials of the Department of Animal Husbandry are responsible for the availability of bird flu-destroying birds.

Around 8,000 domesticated birds have been killed in Kodiyathur panchayat and Vengeri area. The officers were trained for this. Officials will be arriving at the farm and home this morning reporting the flu. Steps will be taken to ensure strict security.

The birds and eggs of birds will be destroyed within a kilometer of detection of bird flu. The 10 kilometer perimeter was recorded as a meticulous observation point. The poultry farms and poultry sheds have been ordered to be closed down. It is concluded that the bird flu spreads from migratory birds. Everywhere, including government-controlled farms, caution was issued.

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