Pescara Bozhinov: There are no people on the streets last night, there is no talk of football in Italy


Valery Bozhinov joined the Sports Show on Darik Radio. The striker is currently in Pescara, where he plays for the local team. He described the situation in Italy. We recall that the country is under quarantine because of the spread of the coronavirus:

“From home to the stadium and back, I have no choice. The situation is not good, but we follow the instructions given to us. I think the Italians obey the order. As of last night, there are no people on the streets, we footballers have the right only to go from home to the base and vice versa, you can shop for some things at most and that is it, “Bozhinov said.

“Yes, there are 13 of my teammates who are ill. It is not a coronavirus, just some kind of virus with fever and cough, but within a few days they have recovered. They were tested and it was not a coronavirus. They weren’t very bad. Yes, they haven’t been for 2-3 weeks, but the situation is not so bad. They are already training, they are fine, but the situation is unpleasant, uncomfortable at the moment, “confirms Valerie reported that there are 13 sick players in Pescara.

“There is a commodity with us in Pescara. It’s not like Northern Italy – Milan, Venice, Verona. It’s calmer here. Outside, people are wearing masks and gloves, we’re not in the red zone, as they say in Italy. There are no people on the street, cars, it’s unpleasant, but that’s the situation. We’re home. We are waiting for the club to tell us what the procedure will be like, they want to stop training for 7-10 days, then come back and camp all together under quarantine. I don’t know what the president and the club will decide. There are two options, by tomorrow we will have the clarity. Health is more important to us. ”

The former Levski striker commented on the situation in which top European teams play their matches in empty stands because of the danger of coronavirus spread:

“Either games will be played with the public or they will not be played at all. In a few days you will look at Levski – Ludogorets and see what it is all about. It’s not a performance, it’s a charge, it’s not the same setting. It’s like a friendly game, that’s what I felt against Benevento. If you really made the decision, you will not play, it makes no sense. The playoffs for the European Championship and then the European Championship itself are coming soon. There are people who will make the right decision, but I don’t have to play games for health. It’s not just about the players, but the journalists, the fans. Everyone loses. For me personally, they have to stop the championship. With a coronavirus, there is no way to play football, “Bozhinov said.

“There is no talk of football, of spectacle, of sport in Italy. We talk about what’s going to happen and what’s not. Everyone has a family. It is normal for him to keep his health, not to catch this coronavirus and carry it. No one is watching when you play, whether you will beat, whether you will lose. We have to stay home and wait for this coronavirus to pass. It’s unpleasant, but we do it for the good of all, if we have to stay home, we will sit, “he added.

You can hear all of Bozhinov’s inclusion in Darik’s Sports Show through the attached audio!

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