Perspolis boss’s broad reflection of the story in cyberspace + photos


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The message from the Persepolis football team’s head coach about the Corona virus has been muted and widely reflected.

Yahya Gul Mohammadi has called on people to stay home from the coronary virus, and has given pessimistic predictions about the development of the terrible virus in the world.

The number of people with coronary artery disease in Iran has reached 4,747 as of Friday afternoon (12 March), with a total death toll of 124, with more than 900 patients recovered and discharged from hospital.

A new variant of the coronavirus, scientifically known as Kovid-19, which was initially thought to be an unknown form of pneumonia, has spread to Wuhan, China, since last month and has spread to more than 87 countries since then. The outbreak has not stopped yet.


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