Pavel Kolev: The world is collapsing, they are giving us morality with lies


Levski CEO Pavel Kolev wrote interesting things with a Facebook post. The chief of the “blue” analyzes the state of European football in times of crisis due to the coronavirus.

Here’s what the post says:

Football clubs demanding compensation from the BFU or the state is a supreme form of cynicism in this dramatic situation. This does not preclude discussion of the already severe economic crisis. It will affect everyone. And in countries where there are serious football institutions and serious sports journalism, this debate is underway.

In France, legislation already allows football clubs to pay 70% of football players’ salaries for periods of “partial lack of employment”. Lyon, Montpellier, Amiens and Nimes are already in such a regime … In Germany, Borussia Dortmund (Monchengladbach) players have given up 50% of their salaries. There are also extreme measures – Swiss Zion President Christian Constantine fired 9 players, using just as an emergency. Of course, he had previously offered them a temporary wage adjustment agreement of 12 350 Swiss francs (as much as they were compensated by the Swiss Labor Office). Those who refused to sign the annex are fired.

In England, Barnet has vacated its entire administration of 60 people. In Italy, the debate is large-scale. Today, the professional league is organizing a conference call for presidents to discuss a common policy to reduce players’ salaries as a percentage of the lack of training and matches. Then there are talks with the Players’ Union, led by Damiano Tomazy. The FIGC (Italian Football Federation) actively manages this debate and supports the position that all countries must bear their brunt from the inevitable economic shock.

What is happening in football life in Bulgaria? Nothing. No professional league, no union! A doctor of economics in drawer and cash is speaking left and right on behalf of the BFU and is worried more about who changed his referee for the match at a time when the world as we know it is collapsing. People who have lost all credibility, and with their bad reputation, try to run the football (and I do not mean Mikhail Kasabov) and distribute morality by telling a lie after a lie. This is also cynical!

And the challenge we face is enormous! The pandemic will be overcome if the Lord said, but what comes after it is scary for everyone. In any business. And the state will need us.

Especially in the football world, things are as follows. The European model of sport is supported by two pillars – the pyramidal structure and solidarity. From the top of the pyramid – FIFA, through UEFA, national federations and leagues, clubs, players, administration – no one will remain unaffected by the crisis. FIFA is already thinking about changes to the transfer rules and international calendar, UEFA colleagues are discussing cancellation or relief in financial fairplay for a year, already canceled EURO 2020, which will bring losses of 300 million.

Now for the solidarity that will make Europe lose all its football – EURO 2021 will bring UEFA 2.2 billion. By eliminating costs, 85% of net profit flows from Nyon down the pyramid all the way to the base. Unlike our football organizations, UEFA’s budget is transparent and anyone can check it – 85% of joint payments to federations and clubs, 9.4% to event organization, referees, match officers and technology and broadcast expenses, less than 3% for administration salaries.

The less revenue, the less they will flow down the pyramid. And here we are not even talking about the proceeds of the Champions League, the Europa League and the Super Cup of Europe, where it is not clear whether the TV contracts will be respected and how many advertisers will survive and fulfill their commitments. Asking questions is not bad. If you don’t, you won’t find the answers. “

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