Palestine announces the launch of a new hospital in Bethlehem to counter Corona


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The Palestinian Prime Minister, Muhammad Shtayeh, announced the discovery of a new infection with the emerging coronavirus in the city of Bethlehem, and added that a new hospital will be opened in the city.

“The number of injuries in Bethlehem (south of Jerusalem) reached 20, and 137 new samples are being examined,” Shtayeh said, pointing to the launch of a new hospital in the city fully prepared to deal with the discovered cases.

The Palestinian Prime Minister pointed out that there is coordination with Jordan to close the bridges soon, and said, “This is a prior warning, for those who are forced to return home or leave.”

The Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, declared a state of emergency in the Palestinian territories for a month to confront the dangers of the emerging “Corona” virus, while Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh announced the closure of educational facilities from schools, kindergartens, universities and institutes until other instructions were issued.


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