“Only one flight route to China”: Beijing is demanding flight restrictions from foreign airlines


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In order to prevent the introduction of coronavirus, the civil aviation authority of the PRC has asked all foreign airlines to use only one route to China and to only take one flight per week. This emerges from a statement by the authority.

“Each foreign airline may only use one route to China and only take one flight a week,” it says.

Given the worsening epidemic situation in other countries, many Chinese citizens want to return to their home country as soon as possible. Many of them are already sick. This creates great difficulties for the Chinese authorities, which have already had great success in fighting the epidemic in the country. In the past few days, mainly “introduced” corona infections have been registered there.

Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Luo Zhaohui previously said that Chinese citizens accounted for 90 percent of all “introduced” COVID-19 infections in China and still came home by risking their health and other people’s safety.

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