Ocon and Ricciardo: “Shouldn’t Hamilton break down, but be proud of him”


Seven-time Grand Prix winner Daniel Ricciardo is proud of Lewis Hamilton, who, according to him, has done a good job in recent years. The Brit drove a better car than the rest, but that doesn’t matter to the Australian. Hamilton has won the championship five times in the last six years. Only Nico Rosberg got in his way to have six in a row.

Hamilton has the best car

Some drivers, such as Max Verstappen, think that Hamilton has won so much thanks to the best car and is not even under pressure because he has no rival to race against. Mercedes often executes team orders in which Valtteri Bottas then figures as Hamilton’s wingman.

Colleague Daniel Ricciardo believes that Lewis Hamilton does a great job and, despite having the best car, still has to perform. “Lewis had the best car in recent years and was perhaps a bit easier to finish than others. But that is precisely why many people did not give Lewis the right positivity, but he did well,” said Ricciardo.

“I can imagine myself at different moments of Lewis, because I have also won victories myself. But I cannot imagine everything. For example, I have never been to Abu Dhabi for the battle for the championship. But he does it and stands often at the top. By constantly dealing with this type of pressure, you become a strong character. It is a talent and you cannot get it. I respect him 100%. ”

The same vision as Ricciardo

Esteban Ocon, who worked with Hamilton at Mercedes, has the same vision as Ricciardo. “People always said” he doesn’t have to do much “to him, but that’s not true. Lewis has a very full life, but he uses his time very well. After doing something, it is not easy to go back to Formula 1 and he is smart at what he does. It is amazing what he does, on and off the circuit. ”

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