Number of short-time work advertisements in Germany due to Corona crisis at its highest level


Federal Labor Minister Hubertus Heil and BA Chair Detlef Scheele announced details of the situation on the German labor market in March on Tuesday.

The advertisements for short-time work that the Federal Employment Agency (BA) received by March 27, 2020 are according to the BA notification has risen to a new high since the beginning of the exit restrictions.
Nationwide, around 470,000 advertisements for short-time work were received by the agency in March. This is based on a special evaluation. In February 2020, the number of short-time work advertisements was still 1,900.
The demand is high in all federal states. In contrast to the times of the economic and financial crisis 2008/2009, the advertisements come from almost all industries, according to the authority. The main focus of the industry is on trade, the hotel and restaurant industry.

Scheele described short-time working during the Corona crisis as “the means of choice in this historic challenge for the economy and the labor market”.

“Although we cannot yet reliably predict how many people will be affected by short-time work, we expect their number to be significantly higher than in the economic and financial crisis.”

Requested an additional ten billion euros

Back then it was at the top 1.4 million short-time workers given. The agency has already “overplanned around this ten We have applied for an additional billion euros from our Board of Directors and the Federal Ministry of Labor ”.

“Nobody has to fear that they won’t get any money. Short-time work benefit is a compulsory benefit that is paid out in any case. “

In addition, the BA changed its organization at short notice, said Scheele. The agency is currently focusing on advice on short-time work and the rapid granting of benefits for short-time work, unemployment benefits and basic security.

“For this, the teams that account for short-time work are currently being strengthened in a first step from just under 800 to around 4,500 people.”

In addition, more officials are now active in telephone advice: 18,000 against the regular approximately 4,000. Both the notification and the application for short-time allowance could be done online.

Corona virus

On March 11, the World Health Organization classified the outbreak of the new Covid-19 pathogen as a pandemic.

Worldwide were following WHO information already infected more than 719,000 people in 203 countries with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. So far, 33,673 fatalities have been registered.

Accordingly, more than 57,000 corona cases were found in Germany, 455 of which were fatal.

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