New measures Italy: everything closed except supermarkets and pharmacies Abroad


Goods transport are guaranteed. Factories continue to operate, but must respect safety measures. This means, for example, that people should stay at least a meter apart. The same applies to banks that also remain open under these conditions. There are still companies that are open where people go to work, but that number is increasingly decreasing. People work at home en masse. Early holidays, flexibility and leave are encouraged by the government.

According to him, hoarding is not necessary. The activities in agriculture, animal husbandry and the food processing industry also continue, also with regard to sanitary regulations, also by suppliers.

Prime Minister Conte thanked the Italians for their sacrifices and said that in two weeks we will see what effects these measures have had. “Now let’s keep our distance so we can hug each other tomorrow,” said Conte.

The number of infections and deaths from the coronavirus continues to increase daily in Italy. The infection has now been diagnosed in nearly 13,000 people and 827 people have died.

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