New emergency ordinance and 761 patients in the ICU


Today’s key points:

  • The number of Dutch deaths from coronavirus increases by 78 to 434
  • New emergency ordinance in force
  • Minister De Jonge confirms: 1600 IC beds will be available next week
  • Official report for groups larger than three
  • Westland closes parking spaces at the beach
  • 20,000 health workers assist

Do you want to read back what news there was on Wednesday about the corona crisis? You can find it here.

Noordwijk is lifting measures at the beach for the weekend

The municipality of Noordwijk temporarily lifts the measures at the beach against the spread of the corona virus. Due to the bad weather, the municipality does not expect a lot of traffic. Mayor Wendy Verkleij advises people not to come to the beach even in good weather. All parking spaces in the vicinity of the beach are closed. There will also be more supervision in connection with the coming spring weather.

761 corona patients in intensive care

The number of patients with the coronavirus in intensive care (IC) departments has risen to 761, according to the Dutch Association for Intensive Care (NIVC). On Monday, the NIVC spoke of ‘sufficient’ capacity, but that has now changed to ‘small’. Health Minister Hugo de Jonge said earlier today that from next week the capacity will go from 1150 to 1600 beds.

New emergency ordinance in force

From Thursday, March 26, a new emergency ordinance will apply to all 25 security regions of the country. This includes the stricter measures announced by the cabinet on Monday. This means that all events in the region are canceled until 1 June at least. Also, all gatherings of more than three persons are prohibited throughout the country. Contact professions such as hairdressers, escort services and masseurs are also prohibited. Casinos and arcades must be closed.

“It was too often this past weekend that people kept too little distance and still went out in large groups. That is irresponsible behavior, ‘explains Mayor Remkes, deputy chairman of the Haaglanden security region. “I ensure that the new rules are strictly observed in our region. I am also counting on residents to continue to address each other. This is about the health and safety of everyone. “

The Hague market partially open on Friday

The Hague market may open its doors on Friday. On Thursday, the Mayor and Aldermen decided that a smaller market with only foodstuffs may continue, provided that the guidelines of the RIVM are not jeopardized. For example, only a limited number of stalls are allowed to open, a limited number of visitors enter and a compulsory walking route will be created.

Maxima and Willem-Alexander have not yet gone to the eastern neighbors

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima will not be going to Germany in June. The royal couple would make a state visit, but that has been postponed until further notice because of the corona crisis. The Government Information Service (RVD) announced this on Thursday.

Willem-Alexander and Máxima are said to be in Germany from 2 to 4 June. The visit to Berlin was supposed to complete a series of state visits that the royal couple have made to Germany since the inauguration in 2013. Ministers would travel with the King and Queen Blok of Foreign Affairs and Kaag of Foreign Trade, as well as an economic mission.

President of the Chamber corrects Rutte and De Jonge

Wait to find a mayor

Municipalities that are looking for a new mayor should stop the search for the time being. Because of the corona crisis, for example, job interviews are not possible, says the Ministry of the Interior.

Ten municipalities, including The Hague, are currently without a mayor. They may have to call an acting mayor for longer.

De Jonge: 1600 IC beds available next week

Next week, 1,600 ICUs will be available in Dutch hospitals to treat the increasing number of seriously ill corona patients. Minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health) announced this during the corona debate in the House of Representatives. Many parties were annoyed that the minister was unable to clarify the number at the beginning of April.

For the first time since 1945, no sports tournament

Fireworks industry donates glasses

The fireworks industry has donated more than 235,000 safety glasses to healthcare institutions and hospitals. The glasses are needed to protect doctors and nurses. They can become infected with the coronavirus through the eyes.

Mayor Spies addresses Alphenaren

Mayor Liesbeth Spies van Alphen aan den Rijn calls for joint efforts: ‘If you stick to the measures, we don’t have to make even more radical choices together. Please do what is right for all of us to fight the coronavirus as quickly and effectively as possible. “

The KNVB provides exercise advice for those who stay at home

The Dutch Football Association, in collaboration with NOC * NSF and Amsterdam UMC, has listed the most important sports and exercise advice in times of corona. The advice is here. There are tips for people who are physically fit and people who have been ill.

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New maternity hotel

A new maternity hotel was opened in The Hague six weeks ahead of schedule. Because women can go to the Maternity Hotel after childbirth, this early opening provides extra relief for hospitals. This maternity hotel on Jan Hendrikstraat is the result of a collaboration between Haaglanden Medical Center (HMC), Maternity Care Rotterdam and the hotel ibis Den Haag City Center. The hotel has eleven rooms for young mothers.

Death toll from coronavirus increased to 434

The number of people who died of the coronavirus has risen to 434, according to the new figures from RIVM. This is 78 more than was known on Wednesday. Not all victims also died in the past 24 hours, because a death is not always immediately reported to the institute. The number of known infections increased by 1019 to 7431.

Since the outbreak began, 2,151 people have been hospitalized with COVID-19. That is 315 more than RIVM announced yesterday.

Official report for groups larger than three

RTL Nieuws will tighten the gathering rules in the Netherlands. Anyone who is in public space with more than three people receives an official report. And therefore also if people within a group adhere to the rule to keep 1.5 meters away. That says Hubert Bruls, chairman of the Security Council, which consists of the chairs of the 25 security regions, to RTL Nieuws.

Death toll rose by 78

The number of people who died of the coronavirus in the Netherlands has risen to 434. The number of registered deaths has risen by 78 in the past 24 hours, the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) reports.

Not all of these people have died since Wednesday. After all, if a patient dies, it is not always immediately passed on to the institute. The same applies to the number of hospital admissions. Since the outbreak began, 2,151 people with Covid-19 disease have been hospitalized. That is 315 more than was known on Wednesday.

Hague sports clubs want a waiver of rent

Sports clubs in The Hague plead with councilor Hilbert Bredemeijer for a waiver of the rental of the accommodations for the months that they are not allowed to use the field. The councilor has offered to the clubs that they do not have to pay the rent immediately and that there will be an arrangement for them to transfer this amount later. The sports associations do not think this is enough and ask the municipality to cancel the rent completely because the clubs have no income from the canteen during these months.

Police make video about measures

The police in The Hague made an information video about the new measures taken by the government. It explains what is and is not allowed and what the possible punishments are.

Urgent measures municipality Gouda for entrepreneurs

The government has announced that it will take measures for small entrepreneurs who are in trouble due to the corona crisis. Until these emergency measures have been taken, the municipality of Gouda has instituted two emergency measures for its residents. For example, companies that have run into problems can now apply for a maximum of three months of assistance or a loan for working capital.

This application will be processed within four weeks. Entrepreneurs who cannot wait for this can request an advance from the municipality. They can then receive immediate assistance for up to a month. ‘This special time requires special measures. Our people at the municipality are ready to assist the self-employed if necessary, “says councilor Rogier Tetteroo.

The House of Representatives wants to expand test capacity by force

More corona tests should become available in the Netherlands. And if the Roche pharmaceutical company cannot supply them, they must release the recipe for the required liquid so that other manufacturers can produce it. Many parties indicated this on Thursday during the debate in the House of Representatives.

According to a Follow The Money story, Roche is unable to meet global demand and therefore there are not enough corona tests available in the Netherlands. The Cabinet previously pointed out that the Minister of Economic Affairs Eric Wiebes has the opportunity to set aside a patent when it comes to the public interest. According to the cabinet, the Netherlands will make every effort to prevent a company or country from obtaining a monopoly on a vaccine against the corona virus.

Leiden studio calls on people to make their own face masks

Atelier Dye from Leiden calls on people to help make mouth masks at home. Marlous Nacken gives sewing lessons and decided to help when she heard about the shortage in healthcare. She made an explanation video and currently three hundred people are busy. Applications were received from 65 different parties for a total of 9,700 masks.

TV West surprises Anu during TV broadcast

TV West skyped every day with children who normally go to school but are now at home. On Wednesday, host Menno Tamming spoke to Anu. And he had a special surprise for her.

Chamber insists on scaling up IC capacity

The Lower House wants more clarity on the ways in which the IC capacity in the Netherlands can be increased. It is expected that 1600 IC places will be needed next week, but the question in the House of Representatives is how this should be done. During Thursday’s debate, several parties urged the cabinet to have a central management that will spread the patients to all hospitals in the Netherlands. The situation is particularly dire in Brabant, while the peak in seriously ill people is expected in April and May.

Furthermore, the parties were critical of last Monday’s press conference, in which the additional measures were announced. It has been unclear for too long, according to MEPs, which measures will apply until 1 June and which measures will last until 6 April.

Updates in English

The main headlines from Omroep West’s live blog can also be found in English on the site, a platform for expats. This way, people who live here but do not speak Dutch can still keep up to date with the regional news.

Hornbach supplies safety glasses to the Red Cross

King visits contact center for stranded travelers

King Willem-Alexander visited the contact center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Hague on Thursday morning. There he spoke with employees who are busy retrieving stranded Dutch people abroad. The king let himself be updated on the state of affairs in the world. Negative travel advice now applies in almost all countries of the world.

On Wednesday it appeared that approximately 15,000 Dutch travelers have reported to the ministry that have been stranded by the corona virus. The contact center tries to retrieve these people as soon as possible.

Virtual short track races

Short track racing with horses has also been canceled for the foreseeable future. That is why the organization of short job Netherlands organized an event on Facebook. The virtual short course started on Thursday 26 March. A race with 24 horses selected by the fans of the trotting race, riding through images from the past few years. A confrontation is broadcasted via Facebook every day at 9:30 am and 3:30 pm. Below the first race.

Consumers’ Association: ‘Many misconceptions about canceling travel’

The consumer association receives many questions from consumers who want to know what they are entitled to with canceled trips. People mainly want to know if they get a refund if they cancel their trip themselves. Consumers are also very unsure about traveling during the summer holidays. According to the Consumers’ Association, many consumers have the misconception that insurers will pay damage that does not fit under the insurance coverage, or that they can cancel prematurely free of charge. To resolve these misunderstandings, the Consumers’ Association has a list of frequently asked questions and answers on the website.

Cabinet: ‘rough times’ for the economy

The Netherlands is facing ‘rough times’ as a result of the corona crisis. That says minister Eric Wiebes (Economic Affairs) in response to calculations by the Central Planning Bureau (CPB). According to this report, a contraction of the economy and an increase in unemployment are inevitable. “That means we must continue to implement the emergency package for jobs and the economy.” The cabinet is also looking for ‘ways in which business can continue as much as possible, because everyone knows: this is going to hurt.’

Leiden University of Applied Sciences digital until the end of the school year

Leiden University of Applied Sciences will be teaching digitally until the end of the school year. The assessment will also be done online. To provide clarity to the students, the organization has decided to make online education leading. Should the measures of the cabinet be relaxed, the university will investigate whether practicals or testing can still take place at the location itself.

No evictions during the corona crisis

In principle, people are not evicted from their homes during the corona crisis. Minister Stientje van Veldhoven (Housing) made that appointment with the landlords. Exceptions are only possible for criminal activities or extreme nuisance. If the landlords do not comply with the agreements, the ministry will still come up with legislation to prohibit evictions.

The organizations that have signed the agreements rent out approximately 80 percent of the rental properties in the Netherlands. The minister is coming up with an emergency law that allows temporary lease contracts to be extended. Now these have to be canceled or converted into a permanent contract. Now organizations can extend the temporary rental to prevent contracts from being canceled.

Salvation Army draws attention to homeless people

The Salvation Army starts under the name ‘Stay home, how then?’ a campaign to draw attention to the homeless. This has become even more serious due to the corona virus. Camp beds in a sports hall do not solve the problem, says the aid organization. The Salvation Army says it will make every effort to get the 40,000 homeless off the street, but the reception is overcrowded. Vulnerable people with often poor health are therefore forced to stay in a room. “With every emergency shelter it becomes clear how many people are currently without housing,” says Cornel Vader of the Salvation Army. “And in this corona crisis, they pose a risk to themselves and to others.”

Special Money Newspaper from the Nibud

The Nibud (National Institute for Budget Information) is going to make a special online edition of the Geldkrant. This issue discusses saving tips and explains who is entitled to financial assistance because of the coronavirus and where to go. Director Arjan Vliegenthart explains that the corona crisis has started abruptly and that for many people the changes have come unexpectedly. With the Geldkrant, Nibud wants to help people on their way to survive financially. Behavioral experts also explain how people can deal with stress.

Parking spaces Westland beaches closed

The municipality of Westland has closed the parking spaces to the beach. By closing the parking spaces, the municipality wants to discourage beach visits. The beaches are still accessible. “But if it turns out that it is getting too busy on the beaches, they can still be closed by the mayor,” says a spokesman for the municipality.

The closure is a translation of the extra measures announced by the cabinet. The parking spaces will therefore remain closed until at least 6 April. If the parking spaces are open before 1 June, the parking will become free, the municipality says. That way, no enforcers are needed and these people cannot come into contact with others.

Listen here to an interview with Mayor Bouke Arends of the municipality of Westland:

Research transfer children only completed May 1

RIVM’s investigation into the transmission of the virus to children was probably only completed on 1 May. The government could base its decision on whether to return children to school on this study. However, the results of this research are only known on May 1, while the cabinet will make a decision on Tuesday whether the schools will open after April 6 or not.

According to the minister, the start of the investigation has been delayed due to a ‘lack of personal protective equipment for researchers and the difficult inclusion of patients. On April 6, RIVM hopes to provide an initial explanation of how children seem to spread the virus.

Corona debate on the House of Representatives shortened

The House of Representatives will again debate the corona crisis on Thursday. For the first time, Minister Martin van Rijn (Medical Care) is also present. Speaking time for MPs has been shortened after criticism of the lengthy corona debates of recent weeks.

In the debate last Wednesday, the then minister Bruno Bruins became unwell. He worked very long days as a minister who coordinated the fight against the coronavirus. He resigned the following day. Former PvdA State Secretary Van Rijn has taken over the Medical Care portfolio. Deputy Prime Minister Hugo de Jonge coordinates the corona approach.

Both participate in the debate, together with Prime Minister Mark Rutte. The debate will mainly focus on measures that make it possible to issue fines to people who do not care about the advice. The confusion surrounding the decision on events and schools is also discussed.

20,000 healthcare workers are already helping out

About 20,000 former healthcare employees have registered to assist in healthcare. That has been announced by Minister Hugo de Jonge. Last week, there were still seven thousand. Teams in each region ensure that former healthcare professionals end up where they are most needed and can do the most.

Employers can count on subsidies for the training of temporary workers and additional training, the cabinet reports. Care organizations also more often have to lend temporary staff to each other to fill the shortages due to the corona virus.

Minister wants more research into rapid tests

Minister Hugo de Jonge wants RIVM and Erasmus MC to investigate the rapid tests for the coronavirus that are now available. In a letter to the House of Representatives, the responsible minister stated that he wanted to know what the reliability and added value of these new tests are. The minister also wants to know how the existing tests can be used better.

A special team is looking into the possibilities of tests that are already in use. In addition, a special envoy will be appointed to promote the production of tests in the Netherlands.

Exercise on your own

Sports are not so easy in this weird time of seclusion. The gym, the boxing gym and all sports clubs are locked. In order to stay healthy and fresh, it is still important to keep exercising. Just behind the boulevard of Noordwijk, a boy is fanatically busy on his own. He jumps, presses and sprints. He has his own course.

“You have to do something,” he says. “Yes, otherwise you will get fat and not fit. It’s just good to keep moving. ” He works in the hospitality industry, his work has dried up and yet he wants to stay fit. This works quite well. He tries to keep his whole body strong with elastic and weights. “In these times people get creative, which is important if you are going to exercise on your own.”

Haga Hospital asks for baby monitors

Haga Hospital is urgently looking for unused baby monitors. The hospital made a call via Facebook. ‘We are urgently looking for 4 unused baby monitors with a camera. Do you have one or more in the original packaging? And are you in a position to drop it off at our reception on location Leyweg tonight? Then we are very grateful to you, “said the hospital.

More clarity about measures on Tuesday

On Tuesday 31 March, the cabinet will take a decision on all measures that currently apply until 6 April. This was reported by Prime Minister Rutte on Wednesday evening after the cabinet meeting. According to the prime minister, all events subject to licensing have been canceled until 1 June. The decision taken on Tuesday concerns everything that has been canceled until April 6, including the closure of the schools.

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