Netflix breaks the surprise of their series from street boards to kidnap those who go out back home


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Supporting the ‘stay at home’ campaign to combat coronavirus, the US-based online platform ‘punishes’ fanatics on the streets. The surprises of Netflix series are disrupted by the posters hung on the street boards against the outside wreckers.

Coronavirus pandemic more and more people stay at home due to Netflix‘to problems with access the world’s most popular online TV show and movie platform ‘stay at home’ campaign for support started to explain the critical scenes of his most popular series with advertisements placed on street boards.

‘We take an extraordinary measure’

An announcement of the campaign video publishing USA based online platform, “Some think it’s okay to go out and distribute it, all of us are gambling. So we take an extraordinary measure: we break the surprise of the most popular Netflix shows.” In the video he said, the spoiler also included details.

‘If the virus cannot stop you from going out’

“We will fill the street boards at the gathering places with surprises from current Netflix broadcasts. If the virus cannot stop you from going out, surprises will stop.” The platform that challenges those who do not stay at home, especially ‘he called on people to think twice before getting on public transport by surprise disruption at the train stations and bus stops’ boards. He said.

For the campaign #staythefuckho to Netflix using the tag explains its intrigue original sequences between ‘Stranger Things’, ‘Love is Blind ‘, ‘Narcos’, ‘Money Heist’ There are also the most popular like.


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