Netanyahu is discussing with the US Vice President cooperation in tackling the Corona virus


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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced today, Sunday, that he had spoken by phone with US Vice President Mike Pence on ways to tackle the Corona virus.

On his official Facebook page, the Israeli Prime Minister said, “I spoke by phone with US Vice President Pence and agreed with him to hold talks between the Israeli staff assigned to deal with Corona and the American crew.”

“The talks will be held in order to advance technological and scientific cooperation on the virus,” Netanyahu added.

“And ways that will tackle the virus together will also be discussed,” he added.

In the context, Netanyahu stressed that “the situation in Israel is under control and is considered among the best globally and perhaps the best among all Western countries.”

It is noteworthy that the Israeli Ministry of Health announced, on Friday, that the number of people infected in Israel has increased to 22 with HIV.


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